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I’ve been coding for more than 50 years, and one thing I’ve learned is to simplify, simplify, simplify. I believe coders should really understand why the computer does what it does. At its must basic level, a computer is a pretty simple gizmo. It can do some arithmetic, and it can do different sequences of steps given the result.

For many years, we coded in assembler or somewhat higher level languages compiled with libraries to handle higher level and standardized activities, like reading and writing files, drawing graphs or processing…

I’m a person who has learned to hate the Divi Builder. One of my favorite organizations recently adopted it, and wanted sister sites to match its style. The site looks nice, but if you want “normal” WordPress editors to add pages and posts without a big learning curve, they will be frustrated. They will have to at least learn how to “avoid” Divi builder and use the regular Gutenberg editor.

At first I thought — well, there are lots of free, existing WordPress themes out there and I’ll find one and tinker with its css. But there are almost no…

Free, no-ads, open source and so much more fun!

Twenty years ago, I wrote a version of FreeCell where each move only required one click. After all, the cards know where they should go, right? I got serious push-back from my FreeCell addicted friends, but I notice today many versions work this way. Given how much the web has changed, I recently rewrote it as a Progressive Web App (PWA), and wrote about it here on Medium which you can play here.

But why not Spider? The logic is a bit more complex, what with cards flipping over, multiple decks…

I love to code on vacations. I particularly love to code things of no relation to my work, such as card games. And my favorite is FreeCell.

It seems odd to me that all the current excellent apps for this game are larger than 40 megabytes. Surely this can be done more efficiently, and that was my challenge.

Did you know FreeCell has a “literature?” You can visit it here on Wikipedia. I’ve tried to use the lingo it establishes.

My coding philosophy is to keep things simple: vanilla JavaScript, no 3rd party anything, default fonts, everything in one page…

John Coonrod

A guy committed to human dignity for all.

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